The Department of English came into existence with the establishment of the College in 1968. Very eminent teachers have played a pivotal role in setting up the Department.

Dr. B. T. Desai, a renowned scholar and critic served for two years and went on to occupy the post of Professor in EFLU Hyderabad. Dr. C.V.S.V. Rao a thorough took over as Head of the Department in 1970. He was transferred to the Kittel Science College in 1988 after the college bifurcated into Arts and Science. He later went on to head the CSI college of Commerce as the Principal.

Dr. R.J. Joshi a great educationist and a National Book Publisher Awardee took over the reins of the Department.

Dr.V.T.Naik, served the Department for thirty three years. An erudite scholar that he was, he has translated many short stories from Kannada to English and vice versa.

Dr.I.S.Malekar served the Department from 1978 to 1988. He was a meticulous teacher and a scholar of English Language Teaching and was soon promoted as the Principal of CSI college of Commerce.

Prof. S.S.Antin, who was appointed in 1972, served the Department of thirty six years. He specialized in teaching Phonetics and Modern English Grammar and has served as member of Senate and Academic Council, Karnatak University, Dharwad.

Dr.K.D.Dhawale who was appointed in 1998, she was a Dr. V.K.Gokak Gold Medal Awardee and served the Department for seventeen years before going on to head the CSI College of Commerce as its Principal.

Dr.Smt Ruth Shireen Paul was appointed in June 1988 and ever since she is serving the Department till date.

Over the years the following guest faculty have worked in the department

  • Theophilus Billa
  • Elizabeth Esther
  • Sharanayya Hiremath worked as guest faculty
  • Mahantesh Badiger working as guest faculty
  • Madhusoodhan worked as guest faculty
  • Prakash Doddamani worked as guest faculty
  • Devaraj V Veerapur working as guest faculty
  • Sai worked as guest faculty
  • Ramesh Halli worked as guest faculty

Department Vision Mission and Objectives

Vision and Mission and Objective

The Department endeavours to give students an understanding of the English Language and a firm foundation in critical thinking along with skills in writing. The introduction of optional subjects in place of major / minor system, marks a significant stage in the development of the Department.

The Department works towards inculcating a strong literary sense and humanistic understanding among the students; thus aspiring to sensitize them to keep pace with new trends in language and literature. In keeping with this mission and vision, the Department organizes activities like group discussions, seminars, audio-visual programs and essay competitions.  Eminent academicians are invited to deliver special lectures thus exposing the students to the emerging trends in English language and literature. The syllabi of the B.A. Course in optional English offers knowledge of the History of English literature, Poetry, Criticism, Phonetics, Indian writing in English and Drama. Remedial classes are conducted to facilitate the learners who have little background of English Literature, thereby empowering them to opt for higher education in English. Outreach activities are also conducted to impart a humanistic approach to literature.







M. A., Ph.D



Associate Professor


Date of Joining

18-June- 1988

Papers Published 

1) “ Problematizing Patriarchy in Anita Desai’s  Clear Light of Day” published in  “Poetcrit Vol. XXIV July 2011 No.2

2) “Female consciousness in Anita Desai’s  ‘The Zigzag Way” published in ‘Contemporary  Discourse’ VOL.2 issue 2, July 2011.                                                                       


1. Seminars/Workshops/Conferences/Training Programmes Attended


  • Participated in One-Day National Conference on “Translation: Theory in Practice: New Perspective” held on 15th Feb, 2020 at Golden Jubilee Auditorium, Karnatak University, Dharwad.
  • Participated in the ‘School of the Holy Spirit’- 14th Batch “Ministerial Training Course held from 1.11.2018 to 30.11.2018 at Berachah Campsite, Poondi. Tamil Nadu.
  • Participated in One Day State Level Workshop on “Teaching of English Language and Literature in UG classroom on 11.01.2017 held at KLE’s Shri Kadasiddeshwar Arts College, Hubballi.
  • Participated in One-Day workshop held at Digital classroom, Kittel Arts college. Dharwad on 04.03.2017 IQAC 2016-2017 Faculty Development Cell jointly organised workshop on “Income Tax and Tax Saving Techniques”.
  • Participated in the One-Day District level Workshop organized by Kittel Science College, Dharwad in association with All India Association for Christian Higher Education, New Delhi on 22.09.2015.
  • Participated in the UGC Sponsored Two-Day National Seminar on “English and communication Skills” organized by the Department of English, Gudleppa Hallikeri College Haveri in association with Karnataka University Academic Forum for English Teachers Dharwad held on 02.08.2013 and 03.08.2013.
  • Participated in International Conference on “Translation and Post-colonialities on 16.02.2009, 17.02.2009 and 18.02.2009 organized by Department of Studies in English, Karnatak University Dharwad and Indian Association for Commonwealth Literature and Studies.
  • Participated in the workshop on “Capacity building for women Managers in Higher Education” sponsored by University Grants commission, New Delhi and organized by PG Department of Studies in Education, Karnatak University Dharwad from 17.09.2007 to 21.09.2007.
  • Participated in the Workshop on “ Women Development Spring Board Programme” sponsored by the British Council, Division, United kingdom, Organized by Nehru College, Hubballi on 01.10.2007.
  • Participated in the ‘Soft Skill Development’ Workshop Organized by Board for IT Education Standards in  association with People One Consulting Pvt.Ltd from 07.02.2004 to 11.02.2004 at Hubballi.
  • Participated in the One-Day workshop on “Contemporary Indian Fiction in English” organized by the Department of studies in English, Karnataka University, Dharwad on 04.11.2006.
  • Participated in the Two Day Regional Conference on “India Vision -2020” sponsored by the University Grants Commission, New Delhi held at Nehru Arts, Science and Commerce College, Hubballi on 20.08.2005 and 21.08.2005.
  • Participated in the One-Day Seminar on “ Higher Education- A review organised jointly by Karnatak University College Teachers” Association Hubballi and JSS Banashankari Arts, commerce College , Dharwad on 30.05.2006.
  • Participated in the “ Spiritual Parenting Training course held from 10.11.2002 to 16.11.2002 at El-Shaddai Worship Sanctuary, Dharwad.
  • Department of English Dr(Smt).R.S.Paul
  • Worked as Question paper-setter for Degree Examination, Dakshina Bharat Hindi Prachara Saba, Chennai.
  • Participated in the National Level Workshop held at our College under the aegis of Education Department entitled “Educational Contributions of Indian Thinkers” on 11/10/2019
  • Participated in the National Level Seminar held at our College under Social Science forum entitled “Social Innovation on ageing Population” on 09/01/2019
  • Participated in the National Level Seminar held at our College under Language Department entitled “ Contributions of Christian Missionaries to Classical Kannada Language on 05/02/2019
  • On 14.02.2020 a workshop on the “Significance Historical importance of Modi Scripts” had been organised in collaboration with department of History and language club.
  • Attended online one day national level workshop on “Translation Trends and Challenges” on 11.7.2023
  • Attended International webinar on ‘Research Writing and Morality in Publication on 16/09/2022
  • Attended two days international conference on the topic “The contribution of Indian Literature in Freedom Movement” from 24th March 2023 to 25th march 2023.
  • On 24.06.2022 Worked as Member of Board of Examiners at The Confidential Section Karnataka University Dharwad.

Students graduating with English as one of the optional subjects demonstrate the following Course outcome:

Comprehend and write analyses to texts in English.

  1. Analyse and critically evaluate texts.
  2. Make close reading of diverse range of poems and passages.
  3. Understand text in their cultural and historical and asocial contents.
  4. Participate and discuss the texts that are culture specific
  5. Handle projects of specific professional nature and excel therein.

Learning Outcome

  1. Aims at developing strong English language skills (written and spoken).
  2. A sense of creativity and critical temper may also be imbibed through the study of literary criticism.
  3. They will be familiarised with Basic English grammar, composition and formal letter writing which enables them to be confident in the usage of English language.
  4. They learn to execute their language skills in various fields like journalism fields of advertisement, legal writing, political analysis, script writing, judiciary insurance and the like.
  5. The intellectual skills that they develop over the span of three years are noteworthy.
  6. They develop a keen sense of humanitarian values through the study of masterpieces of literature.
  7. One of the most significant outcomes is related with the acquiring of strategies to handle personal/social or any problem strong skills of reflection and analysis of problems that may arise in their way. They are also able to assess their capabilities and put them to the right use over the passage of time

Individual Bio-data of Staff


English Lecturer

Campus Address: Kittel Arts College, Dharwad.


Fax: —                    E-mail:– devarajvd91@gmail.com             

Education: M.A. in English B.Ed.
Professional Work Experience: 2 Year  
Teaching Research Industry Total
Professional Affiliations:
Subject Taught: UG- English
Research Foci:
Number of Research Projects: Grants Received: Rs.
Number of Publications: Resource Person Presentations:
Patent:Selected Publications:


Enlish Lecturer

Campus Address: Kittel Arts College, Dharwad.

Fax: —                        E-mail:manteshb401@gmail.com

Education: M.A. in English




Professional Work Experience: 2 Year


Professional Affiliations:

Subject Taught: UG- English


Research Foci:
Number of Research Projects: Grants Received: Rs.
Number of Publications:Resource Person Presentations:


Selected Publications:

Activities of Department


  • On 5-6-2023 a group discussion on classics in translation was conducted.
  • On 11-7-2023 the movie ‘Kanooru Heggadathi’ was screened as part of audio visual programme.
  • On 4-8-2023 students enacted two skits entitled ‘Ageism is not in style’       (1 scene from the short story  ‘The Fortune Teller’)  and ‘Substance abuse’.


  • On 22.1.22 Prof. Shrinivas Pujar delivered a special lecture on a drama “Siri Sampige”
  • On 25.5.2022 Students attended the “Anti Tobacco” Programme.
  • On 17.6.2022 “The Guide” movie was shown.
  • Students participated in Group Discussions / Seminars’ and undertook project works.


➢Department of English Due to the outbreak of COVID the classes were held online. The students were oriented online about the syllabus. After the commencement of offline classes, seminars were conducted. Project works were allotted to students on the following topics

  1. Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  2. Oliver Goldsmith
  3. Women Novelists in English
  4. Twentieth century English Literature
  5. World Classics


➢ The department of English remained active though out the year. The initial classes were converted into bridge classes.  Later on seminars and project works were undertaken.

➢ 09 students of the department were deputed to participate in the “Lit-Wit” Fest at JSS college Dharwad on 23.01.2020.

➢ The following students one laurels- Chandu Biradar, Praveen Digond, Praveen Naik and Mis Sanie won in the second prize in quiz Spell-Bee.

➢ On 14.02.2020 a workshop on the “Significance Historical importance of Modi Scripts” had been organised in collaboration with department of History and language club.

➢ Bridge classes were conducted. Library orientation was conducted on 10-02-2021 for the first semester optional English Students


  • On 26.7.2018 A library orientation programme was organised for freshers.
  • On 4.8.2018 The Movie “Chomandudi “ was shown .
  • 8.2018 Students were deputed to participate in Essay competition on “Anti torture Day” at Vidhyavardak Sangh Dharwad.
  • On 23.8.2018 Shekshpear’s play “As You Like It” was showed.
  • A series of special lectures on “English Phonetics” were delivered by Retd.Prof.S.S.Antin to optional English students.
  • On 29.1.2019 an Inter departmental Activity “Pariksha Pe Charcha”­—Live Telecast in the Library was attended by the students.