Department of Physical Education and Sports


Physical Education and Sports: its importance

The physical education is an integral part of the total 'education process' and has its aim to develop physical, mental, social, and emotional qualities of a student. It is also a medium of realization of these set goals. The physical training imparts high moral which in-turn is helps in building the Nation. Sports plays a crucial role in the all round development of a student. When effective pedagogic practices form one part of good education, sports enable students to lead a life of fitness and sharpen their competitive spirit. In the contemporary world of team work, quick decision making, and effective maneuvering, sporting activities provide multi-layered skills to succeed in the world. Inter-class sports competitions are held to encourage maximum participation of students in sports and games. Representing the College in University level, state level, international levels are encouraged wholeheartedly by the institution.

Our Objectives

·        Physical Fitness.

·        Development of Neuro-Muscular Co-ordination.

·        Team work and team spirit.

·        Development of leadership qualities.

·        Assimilation of discipline and dedication.

Name                                  :        DANIEL PRAVEEN KUMAR


Educational Qualification             :              B.Com   (Gulberga University)

                                                            B. P. Ed ( Beynon-smith college Belgaum)

                                                            M. P. Ed  (Karnatak Univesity)

                                                            M. Phil   ( Annamalai University)

                                                            SLET ( Exam Passed)


Teaching/Work Experience         :           1) Worked as Lecturer in Beynon  

                                                           Smith College of Physical Education

                                               Belgaum( for 10 years)

                                                            2) Worked as Principal in Beynon  

                                                                Smith College of Physical Education

                                                   Belgaum ( for 4 years)

                                                            3) Worked as Physical Instructor in

                                                                St. Joseph D.Ed College, Belgaum.

                                                                 (For 4 year)

                                                            4) a) Working as Asst. Director Physical                                                                 Education  Kittel Arts College, Dharwad

                                                                Since last 13 years

                                                          b)Working as I/C Kittel Arts &                                                                       Commerce   P. U. College, Dharwad.                                                           Since last 6 year


Extra Curricular             :                   1) Gulberga University Blue ( Athletics )

                                                        06 Gold 02 Sliver and 02 BronzeMedalist in                                                     Athletics from Gulberga University and

  2) 02 Gold 01 Sliver and 01Medalist in

      Athletics from Bronze Karnatak

3) Open Dasara State Sliver Medalist

     In Long Jump at Mysore.


Other Activities               :                   1)Worked as Resource persons in different                                                           workshops Belgaum.

                                                            2) Attended International and National                                                      Seminar and presented Papers.



On 09-04-2016 Department of Physical and Education and Sports organized Annual sports meet for the academic year 2015-16 at University of Agricultural Science Dharwad. Students Participated actively.