Dr R S. Paul



Name of the Faculty: Prof.V.N.Jamkhandi

 Department : Sociology

   The department of Sociology was started in the year 1969. Prof.P.S Dhawale is the founder of the department of sociology. He is the first man heading the department of sociology.  Then sociology was taught  as a minor subject. Since then the department has been slowly expanded. The main contribution for popularising this subject also goes to him. The literature of sociology and books concerned to the department also were inducted in the Library by him. Gradually, the number of  students offering the subject of sociology also increased considerably.                                                                              In the year 1987-88, Sociology was introduced as o major subject in the college by Prof.P.S Dhawale. The credit of introducing this subject as a major subject also goes to him. The first batch of major Sociology consisted around 20 students. Later, in the due course of time the number of students offering Sociology also gradually increased. This shows the interest of students in studying this subject.

        In the year 1988, Prof.P.S Dhawale was appointed as the principal. Then the workload of the department also was increased because the 2nd batch of major Sociology was launched. Shri.V.N Jamkhandi was appointed as Lecturer in Sociology in the year 1988.

In the year 1995, Prin. P.S Dhawale who was also heading the department was retired from his service. Since September, 1995 Prof.V.N. Jamkhandi is heading. In the year July,1996 was promoted as a Lecturer in Senior Scale.

Objectives of the department-

1 ) To popularize Sociology as a teaching subject;

2)  To create awareness in the students regarding the role of sociology in society.

3)  To enlighten the students regarding the culture of our society as well as other societies.

4)  To enlighten the students regarding the scope of sociology in future.

5)  Every year we are placing orders to the library for new latest published books of sociology, with textbooks of department authors and journals so that students can derive maximum use of these books in their academic development.

Developmental Activities-

The department is conducting periodical tests, home assignments and also conducting seminars.  Through these, we try to  assess the ability of the students in understanding the subject. Some project works are also given to the students of B.A. final year so that they can have practical knowledge of the subject.

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Address(Residential) & Email id

House. No. 14, Haliyal Road,

2nd Cross, Narayanpur,                                                     

 Dharwad-8   Mobile 9945801400

 Email id - vivekjamkhandi62@gmail.com




Assistant Professor


Area of specialization



Date of appointment



Academic qualification

M.A  ll class


Teaching experience

33 years


Classes taught

B.A 1st  to  6th semester

           11.  Attended Orientation Programs/ Refresher Courses :

Ø  Orientation Course in Sociology from 06th April to 03rd May 1993, Karnataka University, Dharwad.

Ø  Refresher Course in Sociology from 21st -June 1999 to 12th july 1999, Karnataka University, Dharwad.

Details of workshops, seminars etc attended

1 ) Attented UGC National Seminar on WOMEN, HEALTH and DEVELOPMENT : ISSUES & CHALLENGES 25-26, February 2011  at  Karnatak University Dharwad.

2 ) Attented National Level Seminar On The Indian Republic at the Crossroads Sponsored by  UGC on  12th and 13th March 2010.

3)  Attented FACULTY ORIENTATION LECTURE SERIES on 23rd Feb 2012 at Kittel Arts College Dharwad.

4 )  Attented FACULTY ORIENTATION LECTURE SERIES on  “Emotional Intelligence for Teachers” on 4th July 2012 at Kittel Arts College Dharwad.

5 ) Has participated in the One-Day Faculty Training Programme on NAAC. Reaccredition: Methods and Procedures held on 14th March 2012 at Kittel Arts College Dharwad.

6 ) Has participated in One- Day State Level Conference on “Quality Enhancement in Higher Education in view of Globalization on 14th March 2009 at Kittel Science College Dharwad.

7) Has participated in the workshop held on 14-07-2009 on the topic of “Strategies Towads Educational Excellence in Higher Education and Evaluation System”  jointly organised by the KUCST Association & Anjuman College Dharwad.

8 ) Has participated in the seminar held on 10-07-2010 as a Delegate on the topic of “NAAC ACCREDITATION – ISSUES & CHALLENGES” organised by the KUCST Association held at Karnataka College Dharwad.

9 ) Has participated in the workshop held on 5-12-2012 as a delegate on the topic of “MEDIA AND SOCIETY” organised by the KUCST Association, Dharwad.

10) Has participated in the seminar on 24-06-2016 as a delegate on the topic of “The Role of Sociology in Contemporary World” organized by the KUCST Association, Dharwad.

11) Has participated in the workshop held on 15-06-2019 as a delegate on the topic of “Farmers Suicide in Karnataka” organized by the KUCST Association, Dharwad.

 Enhancement of the learning resources

      The department invites resource persons to enhance the learning resources of the students. Dr.Shakuntala Shettar  has given a lecture on Gender Inequality on 07-03-2011 to the students of Sociology. Dr. M.J. Punith  presided over the function.

      Besides this home assignment are given to the students. Periodical tests are conducted and evaluation is made on the basis of performance of the students in the examination.

Participation of teachers in academic activities other than teaching and research

 Worked as Internal Senior Supervisor for PG Examination for five times and Internal Senior Supervisor for UG Examination for two times.

Any other Information

      Every year, cash price is given to the students who obtain highest marks in Sociology for  B.A- I, II and III classes.